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Learn to Swing Dance  with  Jim and Tames Alan

Learn to dance the basics of East Coast Swing to any 4/4 song with a fast beat.  In this one-hour workshop you’ll learn to do the Leader’s Wrap, send your partner in and out, and give the lady a spin.

Jim and Tames have a decade of Ballroom dance experience both teaching and performing with Dance Driven, an adult ballroom dance formation team.

No partner necessary!  Dance to follow to practice or show off what you know – or just have fun swaying to  great swing music.

By Donation.  


Queen Elizabeth so loved the country dances that she made her courtiers dance them for her pleasure. Some of the dances had been around for centuries and were finally written down, along with their tunes, by John Playford in the 1660s.

These dances are suitable for all ages and skill levels. They are nothing more than fast walking in patterns. Each dance is taught by walking through the figures, then dancing them to traditional music.  Ages 11 and above.

This 1 hour workshop  features “Gathering Peascods”, a simple circle dance for as many as will.  

Tames has had a passion for dance most of her life. She has trained and performed in a variety of dance styles all over the West Coast. Throughout her performing career, she danced with the Oregon State Ballet, Newcastle English Country Dancers, the Veil of Isis Dancers (Middle Eastern with an emphasis on modern Egyptian), Elliott Bay Morris Dancers, and the Ballard Locks Long Sword Team. She is an avid contra dancer and enjoys waltzing and swing dancing with her husband.(example – not from Tames)

By donation.  

Thai menu served 5-8:30


Tames Alan is an actress, historian, and fashion history teacher who has combined her skills to create an educational program for people of all ages. In this program, she first appears in an authentic lower-middle-class Elizabethan costume and talks about the life, times, fabrics, and dyes of the period. After a question and answer period, she changes into an authentic, 62-piece Elizabethan court costume with full makeup, assisted by one or two members of the audience. As she dresses, she describes each piece of clothing and its significance. Once fully dressed in court costume, Tames describes the life and times in Elizabeth’s court, then answers questions from the audience.    http://livinghistorylectures.com/costumed-programs/from-the-streets-of-shakespeare-to-the-court-of-elizabeth/

This event is sponsored by the Orcas Island Library in conjunction with Random Howse.  Donations are gratefully accepted to offset the costs of the program.

Thai menu served 5-8:30  – Reservations recommended 360.376.1111


Food historian Tames Alan brings to life her vast knowledge of the Victorian era. Does a formal dinner setting become a trial by fork? Have you forgotten your good manners? Come explore a time of forgotten elegance, when one changed into dinner clothes and chose jewelry to reflect candlelight, a time where setting the table was an art and serving a meal was a well-choreographed dance.  

In this one-hour program, Tames will demystify the manners and accoutrements of a formal 12-course Victorian dinner. She will explain the mysteries of the table, from setting it and what each item on the table was used for, to the menu and what dishes were served with each course. Also covered will be good table manners and suitable conversation topics when in the presence of ladies, and how the formal manners of the Victorian age translated into the good manners of today. 

Tames Alan is an actress, historian, and fashion history teacher who has combined her skills to create an educational program for people of all ages. In this program, Tames talks about what it was like to live and work downstairs in a late-Victorian house. With fifty percent of England’s population “in service,” the program gives insight into how this “unseen” half of the population lived and what went on below stairs. She explains the complicated hierarchy between upper and lower servants, everyone’s duties, the loneliness of a half-day off, and gives a lively account of high jinks downstairs that accompanied the long hours of drudgery.

With her wide knowledge of the Victorian era, Tames brings to life the people and activities downstairs. As with all her other Living History Lectures, a question and answer period follows.

$15 covers both programs and a period dessert.  

Thai menu will be served 5-8:30


Hot Damn Scandal – Hooray – They’re coming back!

Hot Damn Scandal finds its songs under park benches and in forgotten alleyways. The resulting outlaw ballads, dirty jazz, circus freakouts, shanty-rags, string band funk, lonesome heart-breakers, and whiskey bottle love songs blend together in a sweet song syrup somewhere between a ramble and a roar. Sometimes called ‘Tipsy American Gypsy Blues’, Hot Damn Scandal pulls no punches and and puts thunder in your molasses.





The Living Arrows are a trio of young, hopeful, curious world citizens who desire to build community, cultivate creativity, and rouse the spirit wherever they roam. They grow their garden and live with their cat in Bellingham, Washington.

Described as “rebel spirit pop”, and “the prelude to a perfect day”, they explore the range of the human experience through lilting saxophone solos, entrancing vocal harmonies, driving rhythms, and dreamlike electric guitar-scapes.

In Spring of 2014 they released an album entitled Breaking the Spell. This 7-track debut received acclaim from their local community as well as an enthusiastic reception throughout their tour of Iceland and Germany.

In Winter of 2016 they released Set You Free, a 3-song ep available for download only. “The three pieces (transcending the idea of “songs”) on The Living Arrows EP, Set You Free, resonate like the separate lines of a haiku: each is a world unto themselves but realizing a greater poetic dimensionality as a whole.” (What’s Up Magazine, Bellingham, April 2016)

In October, 2016 they celebrated the release of their newest creation, Roots & Wings, a 12-track album they produced at Binary Recording Studio.

In their upcoming travels they intend to reach out and connect with other artists, share musical gifts, and learn from every path they follow.


Orcas Montessori School Fun-Raiser

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