Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Howse made Soup or Salad


The Classic: Tillamook medium cheddar on organic buttermilk bread 6


Ham It Up: Black Forest ham & Tillamook cheddar on sourdough 7


French Onion: Swiss & parmesan cheeses envelop creamy onions sauteed 8 with thyme & sherry on sourdough- like one of the world’s most popular soups


Leaning Tower of Cheeza: Gooey mozzarella and buttery provolone play off aromatic fresh basil & juicy tomato on sourdough 8


Hot Stuff: Spicy Tillamook jalapeno jack pairs with velvety cream cheese, jalapeno peppers & crushed tortilla chips on sourdough for the Poppers aficionado 8


Peppery Pig BBQ: Hearty Tillamook cheddar, spicy pepper bacon, sauteed onions and savory BBQ sauce on sourdough 8


Blue Buffalo: Tillamook cheddar & tangy blue cheese envelop shredded chicken breast with Frank’s hot sauce on sourdough with a side of carrot and celery sticks (instead of soup) 9


Special sandwich of the day


Vegan cheddar and mozzarella and Gluten free bread available


Rye, Sourdough, Buttermilk or Whole Grain bread if you prefer


Soups and Salads


Cup of Howse made Tomato-Roasted Red Pepper soup 4


Cup of soup of the day 5


Organic greens with balsamic or blue cheese dressing 5


Other choices


Smokin’ salmon: Smoked salmon, lemon dill cream cheese, capers, onion & crackers 8


Daily special and desserts