Greetings to all!
Time seems to have flown on by since we last gathered in January, and suddenly it’s time for another of our fun, festive, and yummy Sunday Suppers!
Please join us Sunday March 1st, 6 pm
for a hearty and heavenly 5 course meal of Italian delights!
$60 per person
No corkage fee if you bring your own wine
Wine, beer, and spirits will be available for purchase


The cliff notes version of the menu:
Tagliatelle with mushrooms
Winter Vegetable Salad
Bollito Misto
See below for Bill’s unedited dinner description and wine pairing suggestions,
it’s well worth the read…
Looking forward to feasting and festing with all of you on the first!Ciao- Anne Marie and Bill

From Bill:
Welcome to Sprinter. That’s not a misprint that is spring-winter on Orcas Island or Sprinter. But the nights are still chilly so we have just the thing to warm up a cold Sunday night. Five courses of wintery Italian fare.
Lets start with a classic antipasto sorta deal. Cured olives? Check. Pickled veg? Check. House cured pancetta cruda, smarty pants cheese? Check, check. And just to make things a little more interesting………our first ever grilled goat sausage. Bust out a good Dolcetto, some bread and we’re off to the races.
Making pasta is a noble winter time activity and as long as I can get my favorite eggs from Marta at the Rainbow Chicken Ranch I’ll be doing just that. This night it will be tagliatelle (a flat pasta about as wide as your pinky) with mushrooms cooked in a bit of Marsala. The velvety smoothness of fresh pasta is just the match for the sweet & earthy richness of the condiment.
And what’s up with “sweet and earthy”? Grilled vegetables, that’s what!. We (AM & I) were talking about grilled winter vegetables as contorno and how much we both liked it when it dawned on us that this particular contorno is good enough to stand on it’s own as a course. There you have it friends……….probably six or more different vegetables roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. Finished with some freshly squeezed lemon, some smarty pants EVOO and grated Parmigiano. Simple and really delish. A good Barbera would be the perfect wine for both the mushroom pasta and the grilled winter veggie salad………but keep that bottle of Barolo handy for the main course.
Bollito Misto can really only be made for a crowd. A crowd of Meat Lovers. Whole beef flanks, whole chickens, breast of veal, tongue, sausages, maybe even goat all browned and braised together to create one the most richly aromatic traditional dishes in the known universe. Served with nothing more than the brodo (broth), a few potatoes, bread and an array of condiments including Mostarda di Cremona this is without question the ultimate winter season meal in Northern Italy. And one that is rarely prepared in a restaurant setting. But we doin’ it for you Dear Reader, we doin’ it for you.
Winter in the Northwest (of Italy) means finishing up with tiramisu. The favorite dessert for the last three years at SAZIO. Hands down. Why? Fresh tasting, light (okay, lighter than it looks!) and alarmingly simple (6 ingredients). Can you name them?
If that isn’t enough try an after dinner drink or brandy. House made limoncello is now available as well.
As always it is my honor and pleasure to cook for you. I look forward to seeing you there.